• Classy heels in a luminous summer colour, handcrafted using premium cruelty-free leather. These heeled sandals feature a red pom pom for a splash of colour. Color: Black Material: Cruelty Free Leather Finish: Handmade
    Size: 35
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    Maya Black Cruelty Free Leather Heels Sandals

    Maya Black Cruelty Free Leather Heels Sandals


    Maya Black Cruelty Free Leather Heels Sandals

    Size: 35
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      Leather tie-up Footwear

      This assortment of footwear includes tie-up mules, flats, and heels made of stylish and comfortable cruelty-free leather. These handcrafted footwear are made with attention to detail, ensuring that they are durable and of the finest quality. They come in both soothing and neutral colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

      Quality you can trust.

      Saagah is all heritage inspired treasures, we craft products specially for you.

      The Tales of Treasures

      Come and explore the world of Saagah - where heritage meets contemporary style, and every product is a treasure waiting to be discovered. We believe that every product has a story to tell, and we strive to share these stories with the world through our products.


      Most adorable
      Saagah is very the most adorable brand I've came to. It is a really comfortable piece that can be worn in festive season, in the spring, or during the summer. Very highly advised and highly recommended...
      Komal Pandey
      Very tempting product...
      It's an excellent product 💕. Well worth the money. Love the way they made the delivery but it was slightly delayed due to some issue.
      Very Affordable...
      The addition of this jewellry set to my closet is a true joy. Everything from quality to material is amazing at such a low take-home cost. I love the this peice and I'm looking to buy others!
      Aditi Singh
      Amazing quality!
      This piece is a winner because of the quality, the craftsmanship, the elegance, and the PERFECT making. Highly recommended. Thank you saagah team...
      Pallavi Thakur
      Fabulous service, I've discovered this brand very recenty. I got my delivery in 7 days. Fab product. You can blindly trust them in quality. Crafted and unique
      Ayushi Tiwari

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