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5 Trending bucket bags design You should Try Today

5 Trending bucket bags design You should Try Today

Bucket bags have made a significant impact on the global fashion scene. It has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. From Paris to Tokyo, these distinctive bags are now a coveted accessory. Let's explore what a bucket bag is and provide you with concise trending designs for this year. The distinctive shape of a bucket bag has a remarkable knack for conforming to the body. It perfectly accentuates the overall silhouette of an outfit. Certain bags, such as the one’s at Saagah, even have adjustable straps

You can choose it to sport as a crossbody, a shoulder bag, handbags, or carry it by hand as well. Its sleek and lightweight design adds a playful yet elegant touch to any ensemble. Typically, these bags feature spacious open tops that are secured with a straightforward drawstring closure.

Are Bucket Bags in Style?

Without a doubt, these bags are currently in vogue. While these bags have only recently become widely popular in the fashion scene, their rise to prominence has been swift. They've become a prominent feature on spring runways. Their enduring appeal is expected to span decades as numerous brands explore innovative reinterpretations of this timeless silhouette. 

What makes women’s bucket bags particularly fascinating is their shape-driven design. It allows them to be crafted from virtually any material imaginable. They also get enabled for easy adaptation to evolving fashion trends. We at Saagah are at the forefront of this trend. We produce bucket bags in several designs in sustainable and vegan leather.

Trending Bucket Bags from Saagah

Potli-Inspired Bag

Potli bags originating from India. They have a rich cultural history and are known for their intricate embroidery and drawstring closures. Today, potli-inspired bags come in the form of bucket styles as well. They are gaining popularity for their fusion of tradition and modern fashion. These women’s bucket bags often feature vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and tassel details. At Saagah, we have several bags that are statement pieces and can elevate any ensemble.

Unique Features:

  • Like traditional potli bags, the drawstring closure is a defining feature which gives it its authenticity.
  • Tassels are a common adornment and enhance the bag's overall aesthetics.
  • The bright color of the bag that draws inspiration from Indian culture.
  • Bright, bold shades and intricate patterns make it stand out.
  • One of the special features is its connection to Indian culture and heritage.
    Kalamkari Bags

Kalamkari Bags

Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art form that involves hand-painting or block-printing intricate designs on fabric. Kalamkari bucket bags showcase these exquisite designs. These add an artistic touch to your accessory collection. These bags are not only visually stunning but also a celebration of craftsmanship and tradition.

Special Features:

  • The craftsmanship involved in creating this bag is a special feature in itself.
  • The standout feature of this bag is the exquisite Kalamkari artwork. The bag's surface is adorned with intricate, nature-inspired designs that is a work of art in itself.
  • It is made of eco-friendly natural dyes that add a unique dimension to the bag's design.
  • The quality fabrics provide a luxurious and durable base for the Kalamkari artwork.
Kalamkari Bags

Suede Bucket Bag

Suede bucket bags exude an air of luxury and sophistication. The soft and velvety texture of suede complements both casual and formal outfits. They often come in earthy tones like tan, beige, and chocolate brown, making them versatile choices for everyday wear. The suede bucket bag is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. You can look at our finest quality suede bag from Saagah. It is made of premium quality leather and will stand the test of time.

Special Features:

  • The drawstring closure not only adds to the bag's functionality but also complements its overall aesthetic
  • The bag's interior is usually roomy enough to carry your essentials comfortably.
  • The bag has a luxurious and stylish appeal with the suede design that stands out.
  • Our bag comes treated with protective coatings to enhance durability and resist stains or water damage.

Raffia Weave Style

For those who love a touch of natural elegance, raffia weave bucket bags are a top choice. Made from woven palm leaves or synthetic materials that mimic the look. These bags offer a laid-back yet stylish vibe. They are perfect for beach outings, picnics, or adding a summery flair to your outfits.

Special Features:

  • Raffia is a lightweight and eco-friendly natural fiber that gives the bag a textured look.
  • The weaving technique we use is immaculate and shows the Indian heritage.
  • The bag comes with leather straps which are adjustable or removable.
  • It is an everyday accessory or dressed up for more formal occasions.
Raffia Weave Style

Tote-Style Bucket Bag

Combining the spaciousness of a tote bag with the chic design of a bucket bag, tote-style bucket bags are practical and stylish. They come with ample storage space, making them ideal for daily use. The touch of the classic bucket bag design and the handle design ensure you stay on-trend while staying organized.

Special Features:  

  • Our bag comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the length to your preferred carrying style.
  • To help with organization, we included interior pockets and compartments.
  • Our bag is made from genuine leather and looks effortlessly elegant.
  • It also has a reinforced or structured base to help the bag maintain its shape and support the weight of its contents.
Tote-Style Bucket Bag


Bucket bags have evolved into a fashion staple that suits various tastes and preferences. You opt for the cultural charm of potli-inspired bags that enhance any outfit. There is the artistic allure of Kalamkari that adds allure. The luxury of suede makes you look elegant. The natural beauty of raffia weave makes you stand out. The practicality of tote-style buckets that you can carry everyday. You're sure to find bags that complement your style at Saagah. Embrace the bag trend today and make a fashionable statement wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

What is a bucket bag, and why are they popular in fashion today?

A bucket bag is a cylindrical or bucket-shaped handbag with a drawstring or closure at the top. They are popular due to their stylish, casual-chic appearance and versatility, making them suitable for various occasions.

What are some key features to look for in a trendy bucket design?

Trendy bags may feature unique materials (e.g., premium leathers), eye-catching hardware, bold colors, or distinctive embellishments. Look for designs that align with your personal style and current fashion trends. 

Are there specific sizes of bags that are more popular in 2023?

In 2023, mini and medium-sized bags are trending, offering a compact and functional option. However, the choice of size ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. These bags are bucket-shaped and give a great handy accessory to you. 

Can I find sustainable or eco-friendly options in bucket bag designs?

Yes, at Saagah, we are offering sustainable and eco-friendly bags made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials. We prioritize ethical and environmentally conscious practices. Our products are crafted with the best quality sustainable materials. These are the perfect fit for you.


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