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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Stylish Embroidered Bags

Embroidered Bags,

A woman’s love for bags and clutches cannot ever be fully understood. We all know that a bag has the power to elevate any look. Be it a big clutch or a mini handbag, a bag will make you the talk of the town. Embroidery is something that is making a comeback with the growing trend of totes and clutches. Embroidered handbags radiate more glamor and style than any other.

They are not new and have been known to be part of Indian culture for ages. The chic designs and exquisite materials have made them a statement piece. Here, we navigate through the process of buying your very own stylish embroidered bag.

1. Determine the Purpose and Style

You can first and foremost, start by considering what you will use your bags for. Are you looking for an everyday purse or a statement piece for an evening out? It could also be something in between. This way, you can narrow down to embroidered bags according to your preferences. Tally down the style, size, and functionality that you desire. You can find these stylish bags in every style. There are clutches, totes, small handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and more. Consider your body type and style to choose the best fit.

2. Choose the Materials Carefully

The material of the handbag you choose should be based on your lifestyle. Most embroidered bags are made of cruelty-free materials, but it is crucial to check it first. Vegan leather is reasonable, durable, and can be embroidered easily. Look for bags made from the finest velvet fabric with vibrant colors and hues. Velvet-made embroidered handbags are also very durable in the long run. They can withstand wear and tear from daily use and look elegant for any occasion.

3. Customize the Embroidery Design

Embroidery designs can range from intricate floral patterns to abstract motifs or even personalized monograms. Choose something that resonates with you and customize it according to your wardrobe. When you go for embroidered bags, try to incorporate some of your own elements into them. Sketch out your ideas or create a digital mock-up to visualize the designs.

4. Check Out the Care Instructions

Care instructions are something people often overlook. There might be some specific care instructions for specific embroidery designs. You should choose only the finest quality embroidery and materials for your bags. Though, make sure you are willing to invest the necessary effort to maintain the bag's appearance. You can simply check the care label on the embroidered handbags to read instructions. Specific care instructions vary depending on the materials used in your embroidered bags.

5. Look for Additional Features

Old school designs don’t mean that your bags should also have old constructions. Yes, fewer compartments might seem handy, but it is always better to have spacious bags. Examine the construction of the bag. Check for reinforced stitching, secure closures, or additional compartments. There also are some other features such as sturdy hardware like zippers, clasps, or magnetic snaps. Before you get embroidered bags for yourself, look if they fulfill your needs first.


Bags are an investment to not only suit your personality but also to cheer you. Embroidery is something that is engraved in history and brings out the beauty of Indian artistry. In the company of an embroidered bag, there is no stopping you from standing out. By following our guide, you can get embroidered bags that suit your style. There is a wide range of options in terms of style, design, or utility. From intricate floral designs to personalized monograms, there is something for everyone at Saagah.

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