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5 Top Picks from Saagah's Exclusive Collection of Embroidered Handbags

Clutches for Women

Embroidered bags and clutches are stunning creations with timeless elegance. The intricate embroidered designs with over-the-top styling have made a huge comeback. The blend of traditional artistry with modern silhouettes is sure to capture hearts. Be it a clutch or a reptile handbag, you can star all of them in your own way. At Saagah, we offer exquisite clutches for women inspired by Indian heritage. These are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs handcrafted with perfection.

Here, we discuss eight of our best-embroidered handbags crafted by our finest craftsmen. From intricate floral designs to silver embroidery, each piece is poured with passion. These can be the talk of the town and the perfect fit to complete your ensemble. So, let’s dive right in.

1. Peach Black Tilla Embroidery Velvet Clutch

This handbag is simple yet elegant and a must-have fashion accessory. The clutch has a streamlined shape and comes in delicate velvet fabric. It comes in a pleasing black and peach hue with endearing tila motifs. The velvet texture adds a sense of opulence topped up by the delicate tila embroidery. Black and peach contrasting hues of the bag make it incredibly appealing and sophisticated. If you want women clutch bags, this bag from our collection is a hit. It is lightweight with a sleek silhouette that gives you ample arm space. Additionally, it comes with magnetic fasteners for a firm grip.

2. Brown Velvet Silver Embroidered Clutch

Moving on to a more embellished and sophisticated side, this bag is a charm. It is perfect for a glamorous evening ensemble or even a romantic dinner. The chirpy little clutch looks quite homely with its color block pattern covering the whole bag. There are carefully divided hues in austere shades that sparkle to give an elegant look. This clutch has a certain rustic elegance to it, which sets it apart from the rest. To be more specific, it is a contemporary rendition of the simple, old-school clutch bag. The silver embroidery truly shines upon the dark and vibrant brown hues. If you want clutches for women to wear at formal events, this might be it. Silver embroidery adds an elegant charm to every piece making it an enchanting element. Consider pairing it with silver-colored block heels or a statement dress.

Brown Velvet Silver Embroidered Clutch

3. Olive Green Velvety Box Clutch

Let’s move on to something more extravagant. This conventional-looking olive green clutch is sure to stand out. With a sleek box design, it is sure to catch some eyes. Made from rich olive green velvet, this clutch features an intricate embroidered pattern. With floral motifs on the front of the bag, you can pair it with any chic boho outfit. It adds a subtle touch of luxury with gold- toned hardware and a sleek chain design. The Olive Green color scheme adds a hint of regality & royalty to it. You can get women clutch bags like these for your next family function.

Olive Green Velvety Box Clutch


4. Red Gathered Clutch

Talking about clutches, we cannot leave the classic gathered clutch design unattended. This clutch takes your ethnic style to the next level. It is crafted from pure red velvet with glamorous gold-toned hardware. The bag features a floral design that can be paired with any ethnic or boho-inspired dress. The contemporary gathered clutch design adds a sense of drama to any ensemble. It has an intriguing effect and adds depth to the overall look of the bag. Our quality craftsmanship is evident in each corner of the stitching on this piece. Pair these clutches for women with your summer dresses to create a boho-inspired look.

Red Gathered Clutch

5. Pink Velvety Rectangular Clutch

Crafted from the finest velvet fabric with perfection, we’ve got this pink rectangular clutch. It comes in a beautiful pink shade with delicate floral embroidery. The bag has a gold-toned chain design with a gold-toned metallic magnetic closure. It is perfect to carry at any Indian occasion due to its spacious nature. The clutch comes with ample space to store your essentials in a sleek rectangular shape. With its modern and sleek silhouette, you can even pair it with evening gowns. Want this? Get women clutch bags like this from our newest collection before it's sold out.

Pink Velvety Rectangular Clutch



Clutches and bags are something every woman wants to complete her ensemble. At Saagah, we have the widest range of both modern and contemporary designs available. We aim to provide that intricate Indian artistry in our embroidered bags. At the same time, we strive to achieve that modern silhouette with our custom designs. Our commitment to skilled craftsmanship is evident in our intricate stitching. If you want some clutches for women, you would not find a better collection than this. We understand that embroidered bags are a versatile accessory. So, we deliver perfection with every piece. Come check it out yourself.


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